About Mark, N0MTN

I have several hobbies that I enjoy, the biggest beingĀ amateur radio and the shooting sports. I did as little computer programming a long time ago and I enjoy soldering small kits and playing with Arduino micro controllers.

I had a novice class ham radio license in the 1980’s. the call sign was KA0QFL. I let the license lapse when I went into the U.S. Army in 1987. I finished my four years, including Desert Storm and left the Army in 1991. I always thought about ham radio and finally got licensed again in 2014. I was issued KE0CKR, and sever months later, requested my current vanity call, N0MTN.

Both my parents and my brother are all licensed amateur radio operators.

A few years after leaving the service, I discovered rock and ice climbing and spent a lot of time climbing in Colorado for several years. I was not interested in summitting the 14,000 foot peaks but more interested in rock and ice climbing. I eventually drifted away from climbing but still thought about the 14ers, or 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado.

I live in Evergreen in an apartment above our gun shop. I am so low in the valley that I have a hard time with ham radio signals reaching me. That i why I decided to play with portable stations. Then I heard about SOTA, or Summits On The Air. Now I am interested in climbing summits and activating them. By Activating, I mean carrying a ham radio, power supply and an antenna to the summit, and setting up a station and talking to other amateur radio operators, worldwide.

To date my farthest contacts from a summit, using a transmitter putting out five watts has been a station Buenos Aires, Argentina and a station in Portugal.