Joint Activation of W0C/SR-079, East Geissler Mountain – 4078m, 8 Points, July 30th 2017

July 30th 2017 I met up with Brad, WA6MM at 4:30 AM at the parking lot at I-70 and C-470. I loaded my pack into Brad’s truck and we headed out. We drove I-70 to Copper Mountain, then south on 91 through Leadville and turned west on CO 82 and drove over Independence Pass. Shorty on the other side of the summit we parked at the trail head.

Our hike took a little over two hours. We passed Independence Lake and headed for a saddle. WA6MM made 9 CW contacts on 40 meters. I had 8 CW contacts on 40 meters. We each had a Summit to Summit contact with another dual Colorado activation of Bennett Mountain, W0C/FR-087 on 40 meters CW. As I am pretty new to SOTA using CW, Brad came over and gave me some hints on my QSOs. I was keying too much information for a SOTA exchange.

WA6MM and I had the third and fourth activations of this easier SOTA summit. The first activation was by KR7C on 10 Jul 2012.

My rig for the activation wass my Yaesu 817ND with a trapped Half Wave End Fed wire antenna on a fiberglass fishing pole. I had some CW paddles I fashioned with a block of wood and paper clips.


Mark, N0MTN

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