Failed again on Quandary Peak 01/15/17

Failed again! went back to Quandary peak yesterday, January 15th 2017. I turned around at 13,500′ I was exhausted and one of my trekking poles broke. The whole tip came off and it was a great tool for measuring snow depth. Not such a good tool for maintaining balance.

The climb was taking me forever. I would see people below and they would gradually catch up and pass me. I was still working my way up when they were on their way back down. I was a heavy smoker when I was younger. I quit in 2001 but maybe I did lasting damage that slows me down.

With the time it was taking me there was no way I’d be able to get my ham radio gear set up, make contacts, and get back down before dark.

The snowshoes I was using were not designed for the steep climbing or descending and were fairly wide. They were borrowed Atlas 36″ shoes. Maybe I’ll finally buy the better mountaineering snowshoes. I would like the MSR Lightning Ascent 25″ shoes. I’ll have to sell of something to justify buying these snowshoes.

The weather was better than the previous Sunday. Eventually the clouds moved in and visibility went way down.

I brought way too much water and that made my pack heavier. I am still playing with antennas trying to find one fairly good antenna option. As such I had a second antenna and that was a little extra weight.

And being a glutton for punishment, I may try again for a 3rd Sunday in a row on January 22nd. There is a SOTA weekend event as well as a VHF contest that weekend. I will have to leave a lot earlier than I did this Sunday.

I need to return these poles to REI and I may be done with REI. The poles had a sticker that read MSRP $76.95, I did not notice a REI sticker with the price, and at the register they rang up $84.95. That explains the 10% dividend… I’ll have to give these a negative review after I photograph where they broke.…/atlas-3-piece-lockjaw-snowshoe-poles-…

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